India Pale Ale (IPA) de 12 x 33cl box



This beer is an offshoot of top-fermented pale English beers (pale ales). The English developed the IPA in the 18 th century to overcome a difficult problem: beer wouldn’t keep on the long ocean voyages from chilly Britain to warm India, often causing the beer to sour. To ensure the beer would survive the voyage, the English increased the level of alcohol and hops, which work as preservatives and saved the beer. As a result, this beer is more intense than a conventional pale ale, with a strong and complex hoppy flavour that has so many people hooked. This beer is best enjoyed when you have the time to concentrate and appreciate the complex aromas and flavours. 6,3% Vol.

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Water, Organic barley malts (Pils, Carapils), Organic hops (Cascade, Chinook), conventional hops (Mosaic, Citra) and natural yeast.


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